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Scrap Brass

One of the higher paying scrap metals, brass can actually be more profitable to hunt down than copper, as it is often used to create heavy fittings, pipes and casings whilst copper typically is used sparingly and therefore often takes a lot of time to collect a sellable amount. In this article, we take a look at a few choice spots to hit up if you want to turn a profit scrapping brass.

Sell Brass Scrap

We offer cash for all kinds of brass scrap, ensuring that it is properly recycled and put back into circulation. It is a copper-zinc alloy – different combinations of these metals will create different properties within the alloy (such as strength, machinability, ductility, wear-resistance, colour, and hardness).

What is metal swarf?

We specialise in the purchase of swarf from industry, which is the name given to the waste material produced in the manufacture of brass components. If you are a manufacturer who regularly needs to dispose of this waste, please contact us for more information on how we can help with disposal.

Why should I recycle?

We believe that there are many reasons why you should recycle scrap when it is no longer needed, the key one being that making brass from new copper and zinc is uneconomical and wasteful of our raw materials. In the AU, for example, manufacturers use almost 100% brass scrap.

How much is it worth?

We cannot provide an exact price for old brass here in Melbourne, as the figures change on a daily basis. If you would like to see the current values or to determine how much we will pay, please download our Scrap Mobile App – all of this information (and more) will be at your fingertips!

Scrap Brass Prices

Brass is used in a broad range of applications, you can frequently find scrap brass from sources such as locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs and valves; s well as in a range of plumbing and electrical applications At Southern Cross Metal Recyclers you can not only get great prices for your scrap brass but if you have a large quantity that you need to get recycled we can arrange for convenient and easy pick-up from your location.

If you deliver to us we will EFT funds on the day. At Scrap Metal Yard we make scrap recycling as simple as possible.